Acer AS5516-5474

acer as5516-5474
If you are looking for reliable performance from a laptop whether you are indoors or on the go, then you should definitely take a look at Acer AS5516-5474 notebook. It has everything you could ask for – entertainment, computing and processing power, gaming capabilities, and everything else that you want from a laptop. First and foremost, the Acer AS5516-5474 comes with a 15.6 inch high definition widescreen display. The display, in my experience, has served me well, especially when I’m watching DVD movies and High Definition TV content, videos, and more.

The Acer AS5516-5474: Take It Anywhere
With a massive storage drive of 160 GB, you can easily email friends, surf the internet, finish your homework, create spreadsheets, download movies, manage files, and do more while you are on the go. YES, you can do almost anything with the Acer AS5516-5474 laptop. With a weight of 8.9 pounds and very slim design, the Acer AS5516-5474 can be taken anywhere.

Initially, I bought the Acer AS5516-5474 for one of my cousins, who is looking for a reliable BUT inexpensive laptop that comes with a wireless network adapter that he can connect to the Internet from any point within his home. The Acer AS5516-5474 was a perfect choice for this. After taking a good look at the features of this laptop, I decided to grab the Acer AS5516-5474 and set up the operating system for my cousin.

Usability and Value
One thing about the Acer AS5516-5474 is that it has a lot of plastic. That means it may not be as durable as other pricier laptops (such as the Acer Aspire Timeline AS3810TZ-4880, which features a stylish aluminum finish). However, for the cost of this Acer laptop, I don’t have any complaints. If you are someone who is looking for a good-quality laptop with all of the essential and basic features that average users are looking for, then the Acer AS5516-5474 is yours for the taking. With a price of well over $300, this laptop is friendlier to your budget than others in the market.

The Acer AS5516-5474: For the Multitasker
The 15.6 inch display and screen is nice. Although a bit rectangular, the screen is s good enough for displaying multiple windows. And the 1 year warranty from Acer makes the money even better spent. I must say that I was tempted to take it for myself when I first saw the Acer AS5516-5474 out of the box instead of handing it over to my cousin. Just a piece of advice when using the Acer AS5516-5474, go for an external keyboard instead of sticking with Acer AS5516-5474’s built in keyboard. There’s nothing wrong with it, BUT for me, it’s very light to the touch and it may not be what you are accustomed to. Overall, I’m giving the Acer AS5516-5474 4 stars for the price and the great features that it comes along with.

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