Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 Review

Want to be inspired? How about the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 laptop to do the trick? This laptop comes with a myriad of features and extras – too many of which there would be to list here. Instead, we’ll cover off the main benefits, so you can decide whether or not this Acer laptop is right for your needs.

Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 Specifications and Features
CPU, Memory, Hard Drive
The Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 comes standard with an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, which is the P6000 model. It runs at 1.86GHz, and has a 3MB L3 cache. Whilst most manufacturers have upgraded their systems to processors such as the Core Duo or Quad Core range, for some reason Acer have decided to stick with the lower spec CPU.

Nevertheless, it’s still a quick machine. The Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 also has 3GB of Ram on the rails, giving it plenty of memory storage for when you are multitasking or using multiple applications at the same time.

To finish, the hard drive offers 320GB of space, which is not bad for a laptop, but not particularly exceptional. 320GB is enough to hold multiple music collections, and a vast array of movies and TV series.

Graphics & Display
The graphics processing power on the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 is limited to the on board graphics accelerator which has been built in to the motherboard. This means that whilst you won’t get dedicated graphics support, you will be able to run most games and graphic intensive programs without encountering issues.

The screen on the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 is particularly impressive. It’s a 15.6″ HD screen with Acer’s Widescreen CineCrystal LCD technology. We won’t go in to too much technical detail on this, but basically it means that each pixel is brighter and more dynamic, based on the colors around it.

All of the exciting features included with Windows 7 are present on the Acer laptop. This is because the machine runs Windows 7 Home Premium.

Some of the most exciting features in this package include Jump Lists (a new take on document sorting), an improved taskbar design, and “Snap” – which is a very fast desktop organizer which works like a charm. All of these things are part of the Windows 7 package itself, so even if you don’t buy this exact notebook, any device with Window 7 has these great features.

Our Rating of the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539
Overall, we were pleased with the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539. Whilst it is clearly not targeted to the intense gamer or computer professional, it should more than satisfy the needs of home users and users wanting a laptop for work.

All of the specifications are about at the middle of the road; however the lack of a dedicated video card is slightly disappointing. Overall however, considering the incredible value for money (at the current pricing) – we award the Acer Aspire AS5741Z-5539 4.5 stars.

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