Everything You Need To Know About Laptop Car Mounts!

More and more people (especially those who are always on the go) find themselves needing to access their laptop while on their wheels. With that in mind, many are mounting their laptop computers on their cars’ dashboard with the help of laptop car mounts or notebook mounts. All it takes is a glance at the market to see that they are proliferating – found in every computer and gadgets stores all over the country. Now while it is true that this creates scary visions of distracted drivers losing control while on the road causing road accidents, these laptops mounted in the car’s dashboards are supposed to be used ONLY while your car is parked safely. With laptops being used by many folks as their GPS device, and with the risk that keeping laptops on the passenger’s seat entails (and sometimes it’s NOT even possible), laptop car mounts provide the ideal solution that these drivers and laptop owners need.

Now here’s the thing – there are different laptop car mounts out there, so many that you could be easily overwhelmed and confused with all of the options within your reach. Knowing the most popular laptop car mounts will help you narrow down your choices and decide which one works best with your car or truck. Let’s take a closer look:

Steering Wheel Laptop Car Mounts – Steering wheel mounts usually snap on your car’s steering wheel without the need for too much assembly. A nice feature that steering wheel mounts have is that you can easily remove the mount, tuck it under car while the mount is NOT used. A note though – steering wheel mounts require that your laptop is NOT mounted while you are driving your car. If working on your laptop while your car is on the move is what you are looking for, this isn’t the laptop car mount to set your sights on

No Drill Laptop Car Mounts – No drill laptop car mounts are the sort of mounts that take advantage of your vehicle’s existing structure for the laptop to be attached on or mounted. For example, they use the existing seat bolts for mounting your laptop computer. Most of these mounts let your laptop to stay mounted and keep it in place while your car is on the move. If you are someone who has multiple cars, say if you are an owner of a car rental, then having the capability of mounting a laptop without drilling is valuable to you. The top qualiy no drill laptop car mounts found in the market are beefed up with the ability to absorb and negate shocks and vibrations that can be harmful to your laptop computer. When you are picking the laptop mount that works for your car perfectly, you should make sure that the mounting mechanism it has is provided for the exact model of your vehicle.

Mobile Car Desks – If you are looking for a mount that provides work area and surfaces where you can place your laptop and other accessories, then mobile car desks are yours for the taking. Many of the mobile car desks out there brag a slide out design that allows you to save space while allowing you to spread it out, which is very useful when you need to work on your computer. To make the deal even sweeter, you would even find mobile car desks that have a built in inverter – allowing you to convert your car battery into a 110v source without breaking a sweat.

Portable Holders And Mounts
– If you are someone who wants to use his laptop while on a location and doing something, say a survey, then you should think about grabbing a tripod mount. Having a tripod mount allows you to setup it up and situate your laptop on it anywhere you want to. The nice thing is that it also allows you to get some fresh air while you are working on your laptop. PLUS, tripod mounts have key features that no other laptop car mounts have – namely the light weight of the laptop stand and the adjustability of its height. What you need to keep in mind, though, when on the market for portable holders and mounts is that the stand should be beefed up and sturdy enough, BUT not very heavy.

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