Laptop Screen Repair – How To Remove The Scratches Step By Step

Alright, a couple of months ago, you can’t help BUT stare at your newly bought laptop and admire everything about it – its shiny surface, jaw dropping specs and hardware, as well as that flawless LCD screen. HOWEVER, fast forward today, you can’t help BUT feel pity for your once elegant laptop. The lustre is gone without a trace. And the screen, especially, is jam packed with scratches, dirt, and everything in between. Don’t lose hope though. As you will see later in this article, laptop screen repair and removing the scratches step by step is something that you can do without breaking a sweat. Without further fluff and talk, let’s take a closer look at the steps for laptop screen repair and scratch removal:

Cleaning The Screen
Before you move on to the more delicate stuff for removing scratches and laptop screen repair, you should clean the surface of your laptop screen first and foremost. If there is any trace of dirt, debris, etc. rubbing it could cause more scratches and smudges. That’s NOT something you definitely want. So here’s what – take a closer look where the scratch or smudge is. Grab a soft cloth, spray some distilled water on it, and you are good to go. Firmly yet gently rub the cloth in a circular pattern across the screen and give it like 5 minutes or so to dry. If need be, repeat this process to completely clean the LCD screen. Sometimes, you will encounter stubborn smudges and dirt. To get rid of them, mix about one half part of distilled water and one half part white vinegar. This solution has been tried and tested – proven to work even against the most stubborn dirt and smudges.

The Harder Part Of Laptop Screen Repair – Removing The Scratches
Are you done cleaning your laptop screen? Is it completely dry? Yeah? Then it’s about time to move on to the next and harder step – and that is to remove the scratches. There are 2 tricks you can do to repair your laptop screen and remove those pesky scratches. First, you can try using petroleum jelly. This method needs a cotton swab coated with petroleum jelly. Here’s what to do – rub the cotton with the petroleum jelly into the scratch until that part is complete. Next, you should use a soft cloth, moist it if needed, to rub the petroleum jelly off the screen – BUT leaving enough to cover the scratch. Unless it’s a very huge cut, the petroleum jelly should blend with the rest of the screen.

Here’s the second method, which works best for those small scratches that are NOT located in the middle of the screen, those which are not very noticeable. Grab a new and clean eraser. YES, it should be clean and not used. Use the eraser to remove the scratches by gently applying pressure until it disappears. Again, this method works only for scratches that are small, not so noticeable, and are not in the middle of the screen.

Laptop Screen Repair And Cleaning With A Kit
I have tried and tested the 2 methods above and they DO work. HOWEVER, if the scratches don’t disappear despite applying and combining these 2 methods, say if the scratch is unusually deep, you may need to grab a laptop screen repair product. This is something uncommon. You won’t find them in stores often. But an alternative works just as well – a CD repair solution should be good enough. Once you have the CD repair solution, just follow the instructions closely, clean the screen like you would clean a CD, and you can be assured that the scratch would be eliminated. But be careful, not all CD repair solutions are created equal. It’s important to test it out first and use it on something that is NOT so useful but looks and feels just like your LCD screen.

Last piece of advice – once you have removed the scratches, consider grabbing a screen protector. This should help you prevent scratches from plaguing your laptop LCD screen.

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