Wireless Laptop Computers – How To Get Connected Without Dealing With Messy Wires And Cables

So you own a laptop – an older model? Yeah? If you answered yes to that, chances are great that you don’t have any wireless capabilities. And that means you don’t get free internet! Is it time to throw that old laptop out of the window and spend hundreds of hard earned dollars to grab a new one? You can BUT if you want to save yourself from the great expenses that purchasing a new laptop entails and still have wireless internet connection, here are some simple steps that would allow you to configure wireless laptop computer’s connection:

First, pick a wireless laptop adapter (if you don’t already have one):

Setting Up Wireless Laptop Computer’s Connection – Step 1
First and foremost, you should determine if your laptop already comes with a wireless connection. Now there are a lot of complicated mumbo jumbo and technical stuffs to do this. However, for those who are not tech savvy, there’s a simple way to get the job done. To start, go to an area that has FREE wireless internet access. It could be in a library, coffee shop, some spots in malls, and those are just to name a few. Once you get there, start up your computer. If your laptop already has a wireless connection, it will instantly and automatically connect to the wireless internet router found in the area. As with most laptops with Wi Fi, a notification will show up in the screen. If nothing shows up on the screen, try starting up your web browser – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, whatever browser that you have. Another way to do it is to look up your laptops exact year and model number on the internet, have a look at the features, and see if it has Wireless Internet or Wi Fi.

If nothing happens, move on to step 2.

Setting Up Wireless Laptop Computer’s Connection – Step 2

So you have confirmed that your laptop doesn’t have any wireless connection? Next step, bring your laptop to the nearest electronics store. Much better, though, bring your laptop where you have bought it and purchase a wireless card. Here’s a tip – before doing so, you should have the model number and the exact year that your laptop was manufactured ready. You need the help of a sales associate to make sure that you get the right PC and Express card for your laptop’s wireless connection and they would need to reference the said details.

Setting Up Wireless Laptop Computer’s Connection – Step 3
Now that you have the wireless card ready, you should follow the instructions as stated in the manual, install your wireless card, and restart your computer. Once you have done everything right, you should see an indicator at the lower right corner of your laptop’s screen saying something along the lines of “Wireless Connection Detected”. What happens next is that your laptop will instanty connect to the strongest wireless signal found in the area. There will be times that your laptop’s wireless card would pick up a neighbor’s signal unintentionally. Usually, though, this signal is weak. Bottom line – you want to get your own connection and not just leech off somebody’s signal. To resolve that, get to the next step.

Setting Up Wireless Laptop Computer’s Connection – Step 4
Everything’s ready – your have bought the right wireless card, you have installed it properly, and you have confirmed that your laptop can now pick up wireless signals and connections. All that is left for you to do is grab your own connection and you can easily do so by calling your preferred cable or phone company to have them install a wireless router in your house. There are many company’s that offer wireless connections at prices that are friendly to your budget or pocket. Fios and LinkSys immediately come to mind. Once you have a wireless router installed, you can get internet access no matter where you are in your home without having to deal with messy wires and cables!

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