Top 5 Netbooks Under $400

While laptops give you much more freedom than a desktop computer, if you want a computer that is truly portable and always easy to use on-the-go, you need a netbook.

In addition to being extremely portable, the great thing about purchasing a netbook is that there are plenty of quality options that cost less than $400.

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Top 5 Ultraportable Laptops

Do you need a laptop that you can not only use on the go, but one that is so easy to carry around that you won’t even notice when it’s in your bag? Thanks to all of the advances that have been made within the computing field, there are now plenty of laptops that are extremely light and easy to take with you, but still pack quite a punch when it comes to their performance.

For an ultraportable laptop that you can effortlessly take with you anywhere, here are the five best options available:

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Top 5 Cheap Laptops For Students

Are you a high school or college student? If so, you already understand the importance of having a reliable laptop to use. While you undoubtedly still use books and textbooks in your studies, education is continuing its shift towards being driven by the Internet. In addition to the wealth of information and knowledge that is available via the Internet, a laptop also helps you to be a more organized student. You can use a laptop to type reports, keep your schedule organized, and communicate with your teachers and other students.

Whether you are looking for a new laptop to upgrade to, or you want to purchase your first laptop, here is a look at the five best cheap laptops for students:

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Top 5 Laptops Under $500

Being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great laptop. On the contrary, if you have a budget of $500, you can find a great laptop that does everything you need it do (and more). If you are looking for an affordable laptop that will take your mobile computing to the next level, don’t worry!

With these 5 laptops all under $500, you’ll get the BEST bang for your buck without boring a hole in your pocket. Have a look and take your pick: Continue reading Top 5 Laptops Under $500