Lenovo Ideapad G555 Review

Reliable and affordable – that’s how the creators of the Lenovo Ideapad G555 see their product. And whilst it is currently retailing for under $500, is there a trade off between price and features?

We wanted to find out, because all too often, manufacturers skimp on the hardware features in an effort to bring you lower prices. We’ll investigate whether this is the case, and we’ll let you know our honest opinion in the conclusion of this review.

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Lenovo Ideapad U550 Review

If you thought your notebook was thin, think again. The Lenovo Ideapad U550 is redefining standards when it comes to the dimensions of portable computers. Granted, it’s not as slim as the Apple Macbook Air – but then again, that doesn’t really matter.

We recently took the Lenovo Ideapad U550 for a test drive to examine whether or not the thinness was the only thing to rave about when it comes to this notebook. Continue reading Lenovo Ideapad U550 Review