Dell Latitude D400

Dell Latitude D400
If you’re looking for a thin and lightweight laptop and are not willing to compromise on performance the Dell Latitude D5400 is designed for you. The thin and lightweight 3.7 pound D400 certainly doesn’t skimp in the performance area as it offers the perfect combination of power and efficiency with its Intel Pentium M processor and the Intel 855GM integrated video chipset.

Connectivity is optimized on the D400 also with Intel Centrino Mobile Technology that features the Intel Pro Wireless MiniPCI card.

With its 512 of RAM (upgradeable to 2GB), the 40GB 5400RPM hard drive, the full sized keyboard with dual navigation and the 12.1 inch screen, the D400 is a very enticing laptop, and indeed the Dell Latitude line of computers (including classics like the Dell Latitude D620 and Dell Latitude 610) expands on these features.

The D400 is just one inch thick and couple that with the light weight, it’s perfect for taking along with you on the road. The Tri-Metal Chassis looks great and can take the bumps and bangs common with travel. You’re offered plenty of wrist rest area on this portable laptop and the D400 stays cools and comfortable thanks to the fact that there are several vents offered.

The Dell Latitude D400 has standard, built-in WiFi connectivity with the 802.11b/g Intel ProWireless 2200 and the battery offers great life.

The 12.1 inch XGA LCD is bright and is easy on the eyes and the brightness level can be controlled easily using the FN and arrow up or down keys.

The touchpad and mouse buttons on the D400 are the same size as larger notebooks and very easy to use, and the feedback from the keyboard is excellent. Typing all day long on the Dell Latitude 400 would be pleasant and comfortable.

You’ll receive three USB 2.0 ports and a PCMCIA card slot for accessory expansion that makes it the perfect working companion.

As for sound, you’re offered one 8 ohm, 1 Watt speaker that’s located on the top of the notebook.

The Dell Latitude D400 is a great laptop for home or work and will meet all of your working needs with its features and functionality.

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