Dell Latitude D410

Dell Latitude D410
The Dell Latitude D410 laptop offers you first-class mobility and performance, making this a great traveling companion that will keep you productive on the road.

The Latitude D410 is powered by the Intel Pentium M processor and is built with Centrino Mobile Technology. With up to 2GB of memory, the Latitude D410 will give you all the solid performance you’ll need to stay on top of your work while on the road.

Loaded with Windows XP Professional, you’ll have a variety of controls at your fingertips that protects your data and keeps you connected.

The Dell Latitude D410 comes equipped to take any bumps and bangs from traveling with Dell’s Strike Zone hard drive protection that’s on board. Your important business data is safe and secure, so you’ll travel worry-free with the D410.

The DDR2 533Mhz dual channel memory gives you outstanding performance and bandwidth. This memory is designed to save on power consumption and improves the performance.

The large and bright 12.1 inch XGA active matrix TFT display on the Latitude D410 can allocate 128 MB of the system memory to graphics.

The MediaBase feature allows you to use optical media or a second hard drive on this laptop and the D410 works harder and longer with the Dell ExpressCharge technology and the long-life battery.

You’ll get Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 and the Latitude D410 is wireless-ready with the Intel PRO/Wireless 2200 wireless card. You can link with other wireless devices to share your files, surf the web or send your emails.

For security, the D410 comes with TPM or Trusted Platform Module. This is security hardware on the system board that guards against hacker attacks.

The D410 is lightweight and compact. It measures just 1.25 inches high when closed and is 11 inches wide, 9.4 inches deep and it weighs in at 3.8 pounds w/ battery.

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