Dell Latitude D510

Dell Latitude D510
If you’re a manager or a working professional and need an affordable laptop that’s an impressive performer, the Dell Latitude D510 is one to consider.

The Latitude D510 offers you a 15 inch screen that’s bright with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 so viewing your Word documents and internet pages is a pleasure. This laptop is engineered to increase productivity and features great performance, durability and security.

This notebook is slim enough to fit nicely into your bag and it weighs just 6.1 pounds.

The Dell Latitude features 512 MB System Memory and a 40 GB hard drive. For expansion, you’re offered a Type II Pc Card Slot on the D510 and the Li-Ion battery is built to give you an extended battery life for those times you’re working remotely.

The Dell D510 comes loaded with the reliable and safe Windows XP Professional operating system and the sound is loud and clear thanks to the stereo sound and the Sigmatel 9750 Audio Controller that’s built into this notebook.

You’re offered plenty of connectivity options on the Dell Latitude D510 with its parallel and serial ports and it has four USB ports and a FireWire port as well.

The 40GB hard drive offers you ample storage for all of your working needs, and it comes equipped with a SmartCard reader for those of you who are security conscious.

The D510 will easily withstand the rigors of travel with its Tri-Metal chassis and the sealed and stiffened keyboard that defends against dust and spills. Featured also in the Dell Latitude D410, the StrikeZone shock absorber will ensure that your data will not be lost when this notebook takes a bump or two. The Latitude D510 is great looking, and very durable.

The Dell Latitude D510 is a great laptop for business and delivers all the necessary features and performance you’ll need.

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