HP Pavilion G60-230US

hp g60-230us
Are you always pestered by black bars whenever you’re watching DVD films and movies in your laptop or PC? If you answered yes to that, then you will find the HP Pavilion G60-230US to be a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t matter what High Definition TV content and DVD movie you’re watching on the HP Pavilion G60-230US, the 16 inch LCD display along with the true 16:9 aspect ratio will give you the movie and HDTV entertainment you’ve always been looking for.

Just like anything in the G60 series of laptops, the HP Pavilion G60-230US has been defined by minimalist lines. It comes with a glossy and reflective top cover and the palm area’s surface comes with a striking and clean contrast with the rest of the HP Pavilion G60-230US. The looks of the HP Pavilion G60-230US is very streamlined and the keyboard and touchpad has been color-matched and enhanced.

Do you love chit chatting with friends and relatives through the internet? If so, then you’ll love chatting face to face, grab images and pictures, as well as play video clips through the webcam and digital microphone that comes along with the HP Pavilion G60-230US. If you want to play games and enhance your multimedia experience, you’ll be pleased to know that HP Pavilion G60-230US comes with an Intel GMA 4500M that has up to 1309 MB of graphics memory. You can enjoy whatever movie you want to watch, whatever music you want to listen to within seconds! The external DVD and music buttons that it comes along with has access to HP QuickPlay…bypassing the boot process.

The HP Pavilion G60-230US improves on many of the fundamentals offered by the HP Pavilion DV6-1230US. Let’s check out some of the basic facts about the HP Pavilion G60-230US, which you will surely love…

– The Processor – The 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium T4200 Dual Core Processor that is contained within HP Pavilion G60-230US will surely deliver the computing capabilities and resources that you’re looking for in a notebook or laptop. Digital rendering, gaming, running a virus scanner, and other background tasks – you can run all of these and you can be confident that the HP Pavilion G60-230US won’t show any signs of slowing down.

– The Hard Drive – The HP Pavilion G60-230US comes with a whopping 320 GB Serial ATA hard drive with a 7200 RPM. I’m pretty sure that you’d agree – 320 GB of space is perfect for keeping whatever you want to keep in your hard drive. You can have videos, games, office applications, photos, sounds, and everything in between…and you’ll still have enough vacant space for you to fill with whatever you want.

– The Memory – the HP Pavilion G60-230US’ memory amounts up to 3 GB of installed RAM which will surely help the boost the performance of the available video RAM that this laptop has, which is shared with the notebook’s video card. Along with that, the RAM comes with a fast 800 MHz speed. However, it also provides enough room for improvement and upgrades. The HP Pavilion G60-230US has a 4 GB maximum RAM capacity. If you’re looking for faster data transfer, adding RAM memory modules that has the same capacity and clock speed will surely get the job done.

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