Lenovo Ideapad G555 Review

Reliable and affordable – that’s how the creators of the Lenovo Ideapad G555 see their product. And whilst it is currently retailing for under $500, is there a trade off between price and features?

We wanted to find out, because all too often, manufacturers skimp on the hardware features in an effort to bring you lower prices. We’ll investigate whether this is the case, and we’ll let you know our honest opinion in the conclusion of this review.

Lenovo Ideapad G555 Specifications and Features
CPU, Memory, Hard Drive
The processing power of the Lenovo Ideapad G555 comes from the AMD Athlon II Dual Core M340 processor. This chip is not very old, so it doesn’t represent an exciting development in processing technology.

The machine also has 2GB of DDR3 memory, which is decent – seeing as many notebooks for the same price are still using second generation, DDR2 ram. DDR3 is much more expensive, and provides a boost in the ability of the memory to work with the other components of the laptop.

Finally, the hard drive is a reasonable 160GB – and whilst we tend to bag any machine which drops its hard drive below 250GB, the Lenovo Ideapad G555 is an exception to the rule simply because of the price.

Graphics & Display
You wouldn’t expect a dedicated graphics card to be present in a machine at this price, as this is usually the first component which is axed during hardware scaling. However, the Lenovo Ideapad G555 surprises us with an ATI Mobility Radeon HD4200 graphics card. This is certainly not the top of the line, but it’s not a lame attempt at graphics processing either – and will provide a fair bit of grunt.

The display on the machine is a 15.6 inch high definition display, with a 16:9 ratio wide screen making it perfect for movie and TV watching.

All of the usual fancy Lenovo software updates have also been included in this machine. Firstly, the OneKey rescue system is a software based data recovery mechanism, whereby you can reset your notebook at the touch of a button, if you experience a fatal flaw in the computer system.

Whilst we couldn’t test this out, reviews on the internet have shown that the software is useful in times when everything else fails.

Finally, the VeriFace system is a bit of a gimmick – nevertheless an accurate one – and it allows you to login via a facial recognition scan, rather than entering a password.

Our Rating of the Lenovo Ideapad G555
To answer our initial question we asked in the opening paragraph of this review – it is very clear that the price of the Lenovo Ideapad G555 has not resulted in a compromise on performance or reliability. All of the exceptional software components we have come to expect from Lenovo are present, as is the top of the line hardware at every turn.

Overall, the product gets a well deserved 5 star rating from us.

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