Samsung NC10

Samsung NC10
The Samsung NC10 is one of the market’s lightest netbooks in its 10.2 inch class-weighing less than three pounds and comes with a powerful 6 cell battery. The NC10 is loaded with all of the latest and best technology to give you the utmost in mobility and productivity.

The keyboard on the Samsung NC10 is a standard size-a big benefit in a smaller laptop.

You can choose from a three different colors with the NC10 and couple that with the thin and elegant chassis, this laptop looks great and is made to take a few bumps that goes along with mobility.

Keeping in touch with those you care about is easy with the 1.3 megapixel digital motion camera. It combines the resolution and image quality you’d get from a still camera with high frame rates of a video camera to give you outstanding performance.

The Samsung NC10 comes to you loaded with Windows XP Home Edition so you can unlock this laptop’s full potential.

The inbuilt Intel Atom processor is designed to give you an outstanding internet experience in a laptop. This processor increases energy efficiency so the battery life is extended and at the same time increases the system responsiveness.

The 10.2 LED inch widescreen on the NC10 is optimized to bring you a smooth visual experience. This screen is up to 33% brighter than traditional LCD screens and uses much less power.

With the use of Silver Nano Technology, the keyboard on the NC10 is coated with a tiny sized silver ion powder that prevents bacteria from living and breeding. This kills 99.9% of bacteria so you are given an hygienic environment.

The NC10 is fully featured to make sharing easy. You are provided with a 3 in 1 memory card reader, 3 USB ports and Bluetooth 2.0 so you can transfer movies, photos and data to and from any other bluetooth device.

The Samsung NC10. It’s light, thin, fully featured and packed with performance that rivals its full-sized counterparts.

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