Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 Review

The Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 is a good looking, well performing, and exceptionally priced notebook computer. Whether you need a laptop for school, work, or just for personal tasks such as email and word processing, the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 is potentially an excellent choice.

The manufacturer, Toshiba, has incorporated a number of exciting technology features in to this machine – making it a true pleasure to use. We took an in-depth look at the product, and our review follows.

Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 Specifications and Features
CPU, Memory, Hard Drive
The Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 comes with one of the latest Core processors from Intel – the 2.13 GHz i3. This multicore CPU enables video to stream quickly as well as multitasking to be carried out with ease.

4 GB of memory should be plenty to run even the most demanding applications. This makes the laptop perfect not only for work, but for running the latest computer games also.

Finally, a 500GB hard drive should provide you with more than enough space for files, movies, and software programs.

Graphics & Display
This laptop features a stunning 15.6 inch display, with the latest TruBrite technology from Toshiba. The natural resolution is 1366 x 768, which whilst not mainstream, still provides a decent viewing ratio of 16:9.

Whilst the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, it does have an integrated dynamic media driver, which is based on the system memory. Memory can be automatically dedicated to graphics rendering – therefore supporting graphics intensive programs and games.

The Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 comes standard with Windows 7 operating system, the latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft. For those who are wondering, it’s the Window 7 Home Premium addition which is included. The Windows Anytime Upgrade also makes it extremely easy to update software and hardware drivers to keep your laptop completely up to date.

Our Rating of the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037
With a speedy system, top of the line hardware, and excellent software, we reiterate our opinion that the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 makes for an excellent home, office, or school computing laptop. Weighing in at 6 pounds, it’s light enough to carry almost anywhere. Additionally, the 6 cell battery (at 4400 mAh) makes for a lengthy life without cords and wires being needed.

Overall, we would give the Toshiba Satellite L505-GS5037 4.5 out of 5 stars. We would like to have seen a dedicated graphics card, but considering the price – Toshiba have done an excellent job bringing the notebook up to this standard.

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